aktueller appell atonaler anarchistinnen:
amorphe antirutschsocken anziehen – asystematische annihilation aller albernen anthropozentrismen ausprobieren! also: anti-alles!

1. aphatische antagonisten applaudieren aggressiver ausgrenzungsakustik.
2. abstraktionsabtrünnige anachoreten arbeiten an antipsychotischer abrechnung.
3. asoziale ablösungs-attrappen antizipieren apolitische affären.

alle andersdenkende: AUF!

aus amoralischer anstalt,
anonyme antipodinnen

*** (automatic translation)***


atonal anarchists’ angry appeal:
wear amorphous anti-slip socks – try out the asystematic annihilation of all absurd anthropocentrisms! so: anti-everything!

1. aphatic antagonists applaud aggressive exclusionary acoustics.
2. abstraction-rejecting anachorets work on antipsychotic settlement.
3. asocial detachment dummies anticipate apolitical affairs.

all dissidents: ON!

from an amoral institution,
anonymous antipodes



A_fORMANCE is the first part of SPELL-project by dona jagdi. A_fORMANCE is all about A.

SPELL is challenging the relation between voice, language and alphabetic script. it questions the relation itself, takes it to the absurd, it dwells in tautologies.
SPELL is not about restoring the continuity presupposed in the rupture, but about understanding the rupture itself. we go into the interface and stay there in break mode.

dona jagdi is the name for the collaborative transdisciplinary work of jagna anderson & dodi helschinger, which since 2016 is dedicated to vocal sound in experimental and performative settings.

concept / voice / performance:
jagna anderson & dodi helschinger
video: roberto duarte

in the frame of the 60_minutes performance series
22 september 2018 | 20:30
studio2 | mime centrum berlin | mariannenplatz 2