31. mai./ 01. juni 2019
p.u.r.e.-walks at paf – performing arts festival 2019
site-specific performances by the performative urban research ensemble

a p.u.r.e. walk – a performative walk – is an adventure of (re)discovering, appropriation, interruption and (re)shaping the city. in the midst of our busy life we decelerate and enter the mode of environmental awareness: we immerse ourselves in a performance in which the city is improvising itself, it improvises us, we are improvising the city.

p.u.r.e. walk #1
fri, 31 may, 6pm – 8pm, wedding/prenzlauerberg

p.u.r.e. walk #2
sat, 1 june, 2pm – 4pm, berlin-marzahn

p.u.r.e. walk #3
sat, 1 june, 7pm – 9pm, regierungsviertel

in the frame of performing arts festival berlin, may 28 – june 2, 2019

limited number of participants – please, reserve your ticket!


15. june 2019
site-specific-performance at schönhauser allee, berlin

june 15 is the DAY of TRAFFIC SAFETY. in the frame of the demonstration in schönhauser allee, berlin, organised by civil-society initiative stadt für menschen, p.u.r.e. explores the possibilities of parking the human body on the street through self-experimentation. the results are a contribution to the urban design of the future, which transforms the street from functional transit area into the restful BODY PARK for EVERY-BODY.

concept & performance: p.u.r.e.
(jagna anderson, maría ferrara, dodi helschinger, susanne soldan)


bild oben: parkhaus nähe gesundbrunnen, berlin (susanne soldan, bearb. dodi h.) entstanden beim walkingart-project gap-dynamics