amorphous alloy


amorphous alloys are metallic materials with a glass-like structure and astonishing properties.


amorphe legierung

warschauer. weinen einer e-gitarre
i’ve seen things. treppe rauf
in schwarzweiss. sprühregen

rauch über den gleisen. rotlicht
weisslicht. u1 ins herzfeld hinter der
schläfe sprühregen treppe runter
in schwarzweiss

i’ve seen things you people
wouldn’t believe

scherben gespiegelt mitter
nacht blaulicht auf
der kreuzung

c-beams glittering in the dark
nahe dem schlesischen tor

tears in the rain


amorphous alloy/ amorphe legierung

performance by WAH

anja weber – dance/ electronics/ e-guitar
jagna anderson – dance/ space concept
dodi helschinger – poetry/ voice/ e-guitar

poem “amorphe legierung”: dodi helschinger, with references to the film blade runner (dir. ridley scott, 1982)
electronic music: mila chiral
amorphous alloys are metallic materials with a glass-like structure and astonishing properties. used as biomaterial for implantation into bones, metallic glass dissolves gradually in organisms and is replaced with bone tissue … we explore possible meeting points between body and machine, melting electronics, poetry, vocals, body/movement and spacial structures into a performative amorphous alloy.
on our journey we dive into idiosyncratic aesthetics of cyborg/posthuman utopias and musical subcultures.

WAH is the name for collaborative work of anja weber, jagna anderson and dodi helschinger. since 2016 WAH keeps criss-crossing various artistic fields and creating new polyphonies out of dance, acoustic and electronic music, vocal performance, poetry, video and installation. WAH explores intersections between (female*) body and its different multi sensorial and cultural contextualizations.

amorphous alloy 1.0 | 17 feb 2017 | liebig12 gallery berlin | body//machine series curated by muyassar kurdi
amorphous alloy 2.0 | 5 May 2017 | studio VERLIN berlin | NOW! festival 2017 berlin, curated by sten rudstrøm

video katelyn stiles