nacht und träume

performance for a dark space & two voices
with references to franz schubert, nacht und träume, op. 43, no 2
premiere: 26 november 2016 // mime centrum berlin

by and with jagna anderson & dodi helschinger
this performance is a nocturnal expedition into the spaces in-between. we are exploring subtle oscillations and microtonal textures in-between our voices. with simple materials we are building an environment in which a fluid or fibrous or granular space and its constant transformations can become visible as well as audible. can we question this pleasure of singing a song and listening to the song by tracking it back to the basic sound phenomena? can we map the ever evading traces of sound in and in-between our bodies?

NACHT UND TRÄUME is the second part of TRACES.
TRACES is a collaborative project by jagna anderson and dodi helschinger, revolving around the presence of the absent. in a series of installative vocal performance art events we are deconstructing songs by franz schubert – cultural commonplaces of melancholic yearning and longing –, questioning the role of singer and the setting of lied delivery and challenging the role of the audience. the voice as a paradoxical third entity besides the two performers on stage is shimmering between an acoustic phantom and a fully embodied, material phenomena.
TRACES part one: du bist die ruh
TRACES part three: sundogs

with special thanks to ulrike sowodniok for scientific monitoring and vocal coaching.

performancebilder: jagna anderson