paper loop

an ironic-sonic sculpture for two voices


a raw and radical investigation into possibilities and contingencies of a relational state emerging between bodies, voices and objects

dona jagdi is the name for the collaborative transdisciplinary work of jagna anderson & dodi helschinger, which since 2016 is dedicated to vocal sound in experimental and performative settings. important impulses for their vocal research are due to the long-time collaboration with voice anthropologist and singer ulrike sowodniok. anderson & helschinger also work as soloists as well as in other collectives pursuing eco- and cyber-feminist approaches: with anja weber in WAH (electronic media, music and performance), with susanne soldan, maría ferrara and karine thomas in p.u.r.e. (urban art), as well as in ensemble medulla with ulrike sowodniok, anna weissenfels and lea søvsø (a capella vocal ensemble).

concept – jagna anderson
performance – jagna anderson & dodi helschinger

performed on march 3, 2018, at mime centrum berlin
video/ video stills by anja weber


bild oben: marzahn-hellersdorf, berlin (susanne soldan)