w//e can be us


w//e can be us is an intercultural walking art project
initiated by jagna anderson & dodi helschinger
exploring borders, caesuras and relations

w//e can be us is the continuation and further development of w//e.

it takes place in the non-place of the former berlin wall:
a scar tissue between the former west and former east

w//e are not only mapping the ceasura
of the once divided city
w//e are a border ourselves
if I is the limit of the world (Wittgenstein)
what are w//e?
are w//e the space in between these two borders?

w//e are a paradoxical subject of speech
uniting two voices
indicating a non-place or place in-between
from which the speech emerges

can w//e meet in between our so very different worlds,
find a moment of simultaneity within our non-simultaneity?

can w//e be us just for one day?

w//e are giving us space and time
approx. 10 km of walking together the wall
to find out

w//e are looking for co-creators willing to walk the wall
one-to-one with either of us
or one by one with both of us
w//e is about finding a way to be us
so everything can be arranged
w//e will be finding dates and daytimes
which are manageable for us

you may chose a starting point from the list below
and contact jagna or dodi or both
with a short letter of motivation
– or ask questions first, if you wish
team (at) impro-per-arts.de

1. Potsdamer Platz – Warschauer str.
2. Warschauer str. – Blaschkoalle
3. Blaschkoallee – Rudow
4. Rudow – Gropiusstadt
5. Gropiusstadt – Lichtenrade
6. Lichtenrade – Lichterfelde Süd
7. Lichterfelde Süd – Kleinmachnow / An der Stammbahn
8. Kleinmachnow / An der Stammbahn – Griebnitzsee
9. Griebnitzsee – Wannsee
10. Wannsee – Ritterfelddam/Gatow
11. Ritterfelddamm /Gatow – Staaken
12. Staaken – Jagdhaus Spandau
13. Jagdhaus Spandau – Hennigsdorf
14. Hennigsdorf – Frohnau/ Gralsburgsteig
15. Frohnau /Gralsburgsteig – Hermsdorf
16. Hermsdorf – Wittenau/ Heinz-Brant-Str.
17. Wittenau/ Heinz-Brandt-Str. – Bernauer Str.
18. Bernauer Str. – Potsdamer Platz

bild oben: susanne soldan