w//e is an open-ended, non-disciplinary, non-representational, real-time, long-duration art & life research project by jagna anderson & dodi helschinger exploring the in-between.

the former berlin wall is a strange gap, a scar, still dividing – or glueing together? – the former west (berlin) and the former east (germany).

phase w//e

w//e are walking along this 160 km long trail between east and west as an artist couple:
one of us grew up in the eastern bloc – in the polish people’s republic, the other one in west germany. each of us has lived approximately as long with the wall as without it and now the wall is gone as long as it existed (1961-1989).

w//e have started interested in the present state:
how is the soundscape along the former border today? what is the light, the vegetation there? the people? the atmospheres? what is happening to the city at both sides of the gap?

yet w//e keep finding ourselves walking in-between of time layers and thematic fields:
of history, memory, politics, ethics, biographical paradigms, relationships, possible futures.

the wall is a heterotopic and heterochronic trail.

while the simple quotidian act of walking shapes our thoughts and bodies and gives an ephemeral form to our lives, w//e are asking on which side we are walking or what it means to walk in between.

w//e can be us just for one day…

phase w//e can be us

w//e will invite further participants to walk with either of us a 10km long section of the wall trail and to create together a new micro-utopia of w//e


4 april 2018
waldemar strasse – bernauer strasse

6 april 2018
bernauer strasse – heinz-brandt-strasse

8 april 2018
heinz-brandt-strasse – veltheimstrasse

10 april 2018
veltheimstrasse – gralsburgsteig

17 april 2018
gralsburgsteig – hennigsdorf
18 april 2018
hennigsdorf – staaken

22 april 2018
bhf staaken – ritterfelddamm/gatow
3 may 2018
ritterfelddamm/gatow – wannsee

4 may 2018
wannsee – griebnitzsee

7 may 2018
griebnitzsee – benschallee

12 may 2018
benschallee – lichterfelde süd

14 may 2018
lichterfelde süd – lichtenrade

29 may 2018
lichtenrade – gropiusstadt

31 may 2018
gropiusstadt – rudow

17 june 2018
rudow – blaschkoallee

25 june 2018
blaschkoallee – lohmühlenplatz

27 june 2018
lohmühlenplatz – waldemarstrasse

alle bilder dieses beitrags: jagna anderson